by Minn Kota

60" Shaft, 80# Thrust, 24 volt
Bow mount, foot control.
Bluetooth connectivity.
Auto Stow & Deploy - lets you get your motor in and out of the water using the included i-Pilot remote.
Power Trim - lets you easily adjust the motor depth for changing conditions, using your remote.
Ulterra Foot Pedal - buttons let you stow, deploy, trim up/down and activate a Spot-Lock in addition to speed and steering controls.
Digital Maximizer.
Integrated Battery Meter- In addition to showing the remote battery life, your i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link remote will also show you the state of your motor's batteries.
Weedless Wedge 2 Prop.
Indestructible Composite Shaft.
Cool, Quiet Power.
Universal Sonar 2 - Integrated, protected transducer provides interference-free sonar performance, water temperature sensing, and dual beam technology (200kHz/83kHz) for an expanded view and greater bottom detail.
i-Pilot comes pre-installed, a wireless remote with an LCD screen.
i-Pilot uses GPS to lock onto fishing spots, record and retrace paths, command speed and steering, and set cruise control.
i-Pilot features Spot-Lock, iTrack Record/Playback, Backtrack, Cruise Control, and more.
Control i-Pilot directly from any Apple or Android device with phone app.
2-year warranty.